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Tomodachis are flourishing! Mamoru is living blissfully with his wife, Usagi. No Chibiusa yet.

Ami recently broke up with her boyfriend, Matt. I thought he was a genius but obviously not if he broke up with Ami Mizuno.

Rei is very much in love with….Motoki? Yeah I was surprised too but they’re kind of cute in this. It’s sweet to see them hanging out so often.

Makoto is still married to Shaquille O’Neal. So weird. But it’s working. Hey she decided this herself.

Mina recently had a baby with Lance Gross (Google him. Super attractive) And that baby is now an adult after like a week.

Yuichiro is still married to Rei’s best friend and mini me, Saori.

Oh and I just made Setsuna! She doesn’t have too many friends yet but I hoping to change that.

Senshi/Shitennou General Consensus

So a few nights ago I posted a question on whether or not you all like the mystery of Senshi and Shitennou in a romantic relationship. In case some of you don’t know, here are the parings:


The general responses I received were actually surprising. I expected the majority of the replies to be “ummm no that’s really stupid” so it was nice to get a mix. Plenty of you all are Venus/Kunzite shippers as I expected, and some do not really care too much about a senshi/shitennou paring.

But in addition, a good helping of you all also replied by saying that you ship them all, some of you even commenting that they are your top ships.

As for my perspective (and this is only from a PGSM/MANGA/SMC viewpoint) I’m not really a HUGE fan of any of the ships. If there was one that I’d pick, it would be Venus/Kunzite, but I’d also like the possibility of some cross ships, like Mercury/Nephrite from PGSM. However, the great thing about shipping these couples, from my perspective, is that it gives a chance for all the Shitennou to be highlighted on more, and by bringing in possible SilMil romances into the present-day senshi timeline, it displays the complexities that the senshi may face.

A great example would be Mars’s reaction to Pure!Jadeite’s attempts at making a connection (yeah that’s doubtful) to Venus’s reaction to Kunzite, which she may unlock even more than her comrades.

So while it’s not a MAJOR plot point on my radar, I definitely wouldn’t dismiss it as boring or cookie cutter. There could be loads of opportunity for well-rounded characters. The respect that the Shitennou deserves.

How do you guys feel about the Senshi/Shitennou parings that the manga highlights on?

I only ask because I’ve seen it circulating around recently due to SMC. I am not a diehard fan of them, but I will say that it is interesting, and may highlight more about the past. Also, it could show that the Inner Senshi doesn’t need to align directly with their pasts like Usagi and Mamoru did.

My first SM Tomodachi got married!

Surprisingly, it was Yuichiro. :O And no his new wife isn’t Rei….unfortunately. It’s actually a random Mii I made named Saori Tsuchiyama.

She just happens to be a shorter, younger version of Rei anyways, and she’s Tomodachi!Rei’s BFF, so that’s cute.

Rei was the Maid of Honor while Tomodachi!Motoki was the Best Man :)

So congrats to Yuichiro!

And it was because of this conversation that Usagi could see Mamoru’s charm factor. Of course, the obnoxiousness factor is not a deterrent for her, but this is a pleasant change. AND WOW, WHOA HE DOES KIND OF LOOK LIKE HIM RIGHT USAGI? 

Sailor Moon Trauma Series: Becoming a Princess

Interestingly enough, before I skip to the most traumatizing scenes of Episodes 45/46 in Classic, I wanted to point out the trauma involved in Usagi’s discovery that she is, in fact, Princess Serenity.

Although it occurs differently (and in my opinion more effectively) in the manga and PGSM, Usagi finds out a ton of information in one sitting. The first is that Tuxedo Mask is Mamoru Chiba, for which she already seemed to develop feelings for. This juxtaposition, although obvious to the viewers, is extremely conflicting for Usagi.

If we examine the timeline correctly (which is a whole other debate because SM time is super unclear), it looks like Usagi has been fighting as Sailor Moon for about six months, give or take. This obviously doesn’t occur over the course of a few weeks, but it doesn’t seem long enough to have been a year. So put that in perspective: Usagi is still new to her identity as a senshi. I know most fans consider being a magical girl as the holy grail of identities to associate with, but on a realistic level…..this is horrifying.

Usagi just all of sudden saves a cat, which leads her to saving her town, which leads her to saving Tokyo, which leads her to saving Earth….time and time again, and she never seems to get used to it. Of course she possesses the power to revive the world, but from my perspective, these battles deplete her, and it scares her. It is never a part of a routine.

So when that taken into consideration, Usagi’s shock value in accordance to the events surrounding her can be understandable. When she sees Mamoru as Tuxedo Mask, you must wonder about all the emotions occurring within her. He goes from the annoying older brother role, to the role of someone who’s she’s fantasied about. Being a 14 year old girl, Usagi formed Tuxedo Mask to be a romanticized figure rather than someone who could live right down the street from her, the boy next door, I should say.

When witnessing her first glimpse of Tuxedo Mask, we see her as shocked but also blushing and still trying to find the reasoning for all of this. Why is she Sailor Moon? How is this guy she met, the guy who had taunted her for no reason (in her perspective), the guy that has saved her countless times?

And now this guy, the one who now in Usagi’s eyes, has shifted from annoyance to amazement, is confronted by Zoisite and is stabbed, almost fatally, all occurring in the matter of minutes. Minutes.

Shock is the first of many causes of severe trauma. I believe that instead of focusing on the methods of shock towards the audience, shock should be considered in the cases of the characters themselves.

Shock is how Usagi was able to transform into Princess Serenity. It’s not just any type of shock. It is the type that doesn’t lead to fear or surprise; it is the type that leads to sadness. Usagi sheds a tear for Mamoru when he is hit, which leads to the rainbow crystals combining and her transformation into Serenity. In fact, we may never have seen the true princess without Mamoru’s attack. Because it conducted a plethora of emotions for Usagi, she was able to use that energy to become the princess and reveal more about her past life.

Now, with all of that said, this shock may have led to revealing key facts for the senshi, but it has a negative effect on Usagi herself. She has to feel these memories first hand within her entire body. The pain of dying, the pain of her true mother’s death, the death of an entire civilization within her own mind relayed to the Moon cats and the other senshi.

This shock, although it reveals integral information, is grueling and torturous for Usagi. It is comparable to an adult suddenly remembering a traumatic event from childhood: although the aging has occurred and they have formed into a different person, the pain still lies within the spirit.

Usagi may be Princess Serenity, but Sailor Moon, the series itself, exposes the imperfections of royalty, when it correlates to death and destruction. How happy can Usagi be, when now she knows her life will NEVER be the same? Some fans criticize her for not owning up to her title enough. I beg to differ. If I were to put myself in Usagi’s shoes, I wouldn’t like to have the pressure of an entire destiny on my shoulders.

Of course, Usagi continues to form her own identity as seasons pass, but when we initially examine her steps into royalty, it is not so glamorous, and it is more traumatic to think about the effects of her body as she goes through this transformation.

two questions: 

1: Which is the next necklace I should get from KumaCrafts? I already have the Cosmic Moon Compact. Idkkkk

2: Has anyone ordered from ASOS before? I was wondering if their good.

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Sailor Moon: Trauma Series: Classic, Episode 24

I thought that the easiest way to construct everyone’s responses is to go in order chronologically based on the seasons of the anime first, then the episodes from PGSM just to sort everything out :) ——TWMF

Episode 24 was brought to my attention by hanamon which births, arguably, one of the most controversial traumatic events of the season: Nephrite’s death in Naru’s arms.

After a bit of a refresher (of depression), the obvious signs of trauma are evident in Naru’s reaction to Nephrite’s attack: shock, helplessness, and a continuous amount of regret and loss. 

However, under the surface level of typical storyline depictions of grief, Naru also experiences a loss of innocence throughout the episodes of Nephrite’s saga. Being the same age as Usagi, at 14, she experiences her first love. Unlike Usagi, her love isn’t “destined,” and seems to be a bit rushed, with a man depicted as much older than her, and in a extremely submissive role, as Nephrite is a predator rather than an ideal crush. 

Nevertheless, Naru does fall pretty hard for him, leading her to already losing her emotional innocence and subsequently scarring her even more as she watches her first love die in her arms, even after learning the truth about him and his agenda.

To continue, to only focus on Naru would be repetitive. What about Nephrite? Although many critics of their relationship has added that Nephrite’s death could simply be emotive, I argue this. What the anime has done at this point is present the complexities of good vs. evil. What exactly do those terms mean? Well in Nephrite’s case, he initially is presented as an archetypal evil: possessive brainwashing rich man working for a supernatural organization. 

Yet, to pass him off simply as this would be express a contradiction in the methods of the series: to present complex situations between characters. Many viewers believe that Nephrite is the first to “feel” for his victims and/or civilians. In my opinion, This is not true, when in fact Jadeite is the first to have “strange” emotions in Episode 12: I Want a Boyfriend Too!: A Trap on a Luxury Cruise Ship, after Usagi flirts with him in her disguise as a photographer. 

Of course, Jadeite doesn’t act on this and increases his misogyny through the course of his saga, which by default, makes him highly unlikable, and his death is welcomed (well at least by me). In contrast, Nephrite does act on his feelings, feelings he has never recognized before he met Naru. We can’t say for sure if those feelings were love that he had, but they were at least friendly, giving Nephrite an out-of-body experience, which can be a different type of trauma in his case. 

Because he was forged to be evil, and combined with his good looks, he was made to be a heartbreaker. Combine that with telepathic powers and the ability to possess inanimate objects and we have ourselves an enemy! So with all this immense power directing him to be an object of destruction, it must be severely traumatic to suddenly be capable of human emotion. 

Finally, trauma is experienced by the Inner Senshi. As I mentioned previously, their first “boss” battle was with Jadeite, and they were pleased with the outcome that led to his death. “DOWN WITH SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION” ring a bell? Yet in this case, Nephrite was actually trying to protect his victim from Zoisite, his successor in the Shitennou. This complicates and blurs the lines between good and evil. Are you still evil if you save a life? Are you still good if you’re okay with a life lost? I believe these are the thoughts circulating in the girls’ minds. Also, consider their ages and when this fight occurs: 14, still schoolgirls, rookie senshi, still not comprehending why they even HAVE to fight, which explains their breakdown as Naru cries as well. 

I believe the senshi who takes it the hardest is Usagi, of course. She has to watch her best friend cry over her first love’s death, and she is possibly even blaming herself for not protecting her from this painful ordeal, and subsequently continues to see her (well not see her) in class because of this pain. As a friend, her heart is broken. As a fighter, her heart is broken. There is no division between her two roles, which strikingly sheds light on the senshi’s double roles as protectors and civilians. 

The grieving process is explored more in Episode 26: Bring a Smile to Naru’s face! Usagi’s Friendship

Sailor Moon and Trauma

Soon, I hope to write a couple responses and thoughts on the most traumatic moments of Sailor Moon from the anime’s and PGSM’s perspective. 

Seeing that everyone’s opinion of a traumatic event may differ, I’d like for you guys to send me the event that affected you the most in your watching. 

I’d like to write about it, and it could even turn into a project of mine on the effects of animation emotionally. 

So what events affected you the most?

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