Minako transforms into a makeup artist

Posted on May 23

Hey I like this shirt. 

Recently I got an anon request through capturing-sailormoon to color this panel. SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG. I have been SO BUSY but I still like the way it turned out! I hope you do too! 

OH AND HEY. To the anon who sent a manga request for me  at capturing-sailormoon, I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN. I just have a couple projects due this week for finals. 

As soon as I finish them, I’ll start the manga coloring! :) 

Posted on May 05
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Posted on Apr 28

Happy 18th Birthday Katy! You know when I first met you, I already thought you were 18 or older HAH.

Have an amazing day! AND PLEASE, do not rush it! I miss that time of my life so much even though I’m only 22! Do well in school and play the lottery and ogle at all the Sailor V stuff for you. haha. 




Hotaru and Chibiusa as 9th graders

Parallel Sailor Moon

So I love that her hair didn’t grow. Because I don’t know that makes sense to me? 

Never Running From a Real Fight


This is just the cutest picture! I love how the Outers have an album full of happy pictures like this! <33