first of all, you’re not asking random people. We’re your friends. And we want you to go. We are giving money out of their own free will, no one is forcing us. No one should be excluded from an opportunity they deserve because they lack funds.

I mean that’s how I feel too, but I know not everyone does, and I’ve come to terms with that. What I DON’T like is the rudeness. I am no whore, anonymous blogger who just appeared. And thank you Katie for your support. :) 

I am 100% willing to beat this person up if they want to come over here. Like seriously? What the fuck? i hate people. Claudia you are perf and we will support you no matter what!!

Awww ABBY. <3 No need to get your hands scarred from beating up someone not worth it. xD And yeah people are a bit…Idk what they are, but it’s okay. I can’t really deal with them sometimes. 

Great, Katie! I hardly ever get to give my opinion on him. :)
 Helios is very mysterious to me. Of course, I haven’t done a SuperS rewatch in a while, but I pretty much the season and arc. The reason why he’s so mysterious to me is that we only have a couple facts for him. (and correct me if I’m wrong…)
  1.  He is the guardian of Elysion, which was a part of the Earth Kingdom.
  2. He had a semi-close relationship with Endymion as a guardian.
  3. He is also Pegasus.
  4. He’s been pursued by the Dead Moon Circus for his powers.

Helios really has a past that was highly unexplored with the exceptions of the facts I just said. I don’t think it was right for him to get such little time to highlight on him. However the things that are most important to his character are dreams and Chibiusa.

If I remember correctly, Helios was drawn to the light of what he thought was Princess Serenity, but it was really the light of Princess Lady Serenity, Chibiusa’s older counterpart! The reason why I love this aspect of the story is that this is the first time we get any evidence of Chibiusa aging (which in my headcanon, she aging physically every time she transforms into Chibi Moon). I think this is huge because Chibiusa does have a huge insecurity with herself, thinking she’s not ladylike. I think it’s great that for once, her power is the one that draws Helios in.

Now, I have to address his ability to transform into Pegasus. I’m not entirely sure (in my opinion) if he was Pegasus by choice. I don’t know if this was addressed somewhere, but I always got the impression that although he accepted his ability to be Pegasus, it was almost certainly used as a protection device. And if he surely does have just as much power as Endymion, that could be a legitimate reason (maybe when everyone was being brainwashed by Beryl? He became Pegasus then?)

If this is true, I’m glad he was protected by his dreamlike counterpart, BUT I think it’s incredibly sad that his only ability to survive is through the dreams. Unlike most fans or headcanons I’ve seen, I do believe that Chibiusa WILL end up Helios. I don’t know how, but knowing her mother and father, she’d be just as willing to do something for the person she loves. 

HI KATY! So Alexa from animeaddictalexa had the idea of making a video to welcome you back from your hiatus! Although it took me HOURS to upload, I’m still glad you can see it! I hope you love it!





and ME!

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THAT MUCH FOR A COSTUME? Woah, I am so GLAD that I know how to sew and have my own sewing machine. That sucks, I hope someday you’re able to make it happen!

I KNOW RIGHT? It’s like ummmm hello who the hell are you trying to fool. I know you’re doing something for anime fandoms but could you please calm down. xD If I knew how to sew, I would definitely make it happen, but I wouldn’t know what the hell I’m doing. 

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yeah I definitely remember it too. But I can’t find it…

Me either! I’m like WHERE DID YOU GO. This is like a new mission for me. xD

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Nooo, I don’t. :3
Aww it’s okay! I just wonder where it went!

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yes they’re definitely worth checking out when you have time! If you only have time to watch one, watch Eien Densetsu!! Sailor Stars is also good too :)

Okie dokie! I’ll see if I can! Maybe I’ll treat that as my reward for studying Japanese this month. Something to look forward to! ;)

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Claudia, have you watched Sera Myu at all? I actually prefer their interpretation of Sailor Stars to the anime :P

NO KATIE I HAVEN’T! xD Actually loads of people have told me that, which is something I should definitely check out. I never get time for anything nowadays. UGH. 

Hopefully I’ll take some time this month for myself. 

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aww that sounds like a great time!! I spent all day with my bestie watching Christmas movies and baking gingerbread cookies :)

Katie that sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I’m glad you had a great time as well! :D 

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BRILLIANT, ABBY? HOW ABOUT OBSESSIVE? But yeah I definitely went insane with the movie, cause my sister wanted to watch it with me, then my friend was like “BRING SAILOR MOON BECAUSE I DON’T WATCH IT” and then I had the livestreams! xDDDDD SO IT WAS DEFINITELY EVENTFUL. 

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looks good! Looking forward to the livestream! Will probably watch the 8pm one :)

Awesome! :D See you then, Katie! It should be fun! 

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