DAT SMIRK. Black Lady may not be my favorite villain, but damn is she full of snark. xD 

Wiseman enjoys killing characters as I start to love them. 

This is the best. Not only did they do something for friends but it was to help a villain they typically hated…

well not really but more like they thought ACK VILLAIN. 

And Saphir’s face. :) He’s never experienced kindness like this from enemies. I just love this moment. 

Turn your hatred upon this world. 

A comment about this scene: I just would like to say that Wiseman aka Death Phantom is 10 times worse than Demande. I don’t like Demande and I do not condone what he tried to do with Usagi, but Wiseman, an old, deteriorating skeleton, made a little girl into a woman prematurely and brainwashed her.

Enough said. 

And just when I was starting to love her…..

Sorry I just really like this sequence. xD