Still continuing my Fundraiser to Japan!

I have reached up to a little less than $200 on GoFundMe! To think I started this page over two months ago, I didn’t think it would get me anywhere!!! I thank everyone who’s contributed, even it is a low amount. IT HELPS I SWEAR. 

I thought I would share a few pictures from the area I’m supposed to live in for a month: Machida! My professor is actually from Machida as well. She even said I might be able to meet her there before I leave! 

Machida is a suburb of Tokyo, located to the west of the main city center. It’s about 45 minutes from the city by train. I’m actually glad that I’ll be outside of the main city for most of my time so I can see different areas. We get free time on the weekends as well, so I’ll probably go to Tokyo then!

Here’s a picture of Machida! Even though it is a smaller town, it’s still just as bustling as a city apparently. Looks pretty sweet, I say!

Finally, here are two pictures of J.F. Oberlin University, the college I’ll be attended while abroad. It looks so pretty! I’m really excited, everyone! I would appreciate any more donations! If 800 people today donated $1, I would be set and ready and financially capable.

Thank you so much everyone, and if you could, I would appreciate any reblogs to get the word around! <3