Funding page for Study Abroad trip to Tokyo!

Hello everyone! As most of you all know, I was recently accepted into a Japanese summer study abroad program. The program takes place from May 21st to June 19th at J.F. Oberlin University in Machida, Japan, a suburb of Tokyo. 

Currently, I’ve applied for the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship and will apply to institutional Scholarships for Study Abroad. While I hope that I will receive these awards, even if I did, I would still need additional funding in order to pay for airfare, food and incidentals. I’m also looking some part time jobs in order to save more the summer. However, after applying for several positions since September, I still have yet to receive an interview. 
I thought I would set up this funding page in case anyone would like to contribute to my trip. I would appreciate it so much since this has been a lifelong dream for myself, and I hope this will open up several opportunities in international communications and travel writing. 
I just wanted to also give a disclaimer about this fundraiser page. I’m in NO WAY attempting to take advantage of anyone here, because I would never do that to anyone. I just wanted to exhaust my last resource and see if possibly anyone would be willing to contribute as little as a dollar to my trip. In return for assisting me, I am MORE than happy to help with anyone needing assistance with: 
  • English tutoring (editing, SAT practice and tips, coming up with topics, college application papers) 
  • Career assistance (resume building, cover letters, searching for internships) Also, my last position was in Career Services at my past community college. 
  • Background/avatar designing for Tumblr 
  • Basic video editing
  • Making Japanese vocab study tools on Quizlet
In addition all donors will be listed on my future online travel journal for your generosity. If under 18, do not contribute please.
 Well anyways, thank you for even reading this post, and thank you for the support of my trip. 
and thank you to Nadine from Sailor Moon Outfits for being my first donor. :) 
Posted on Feb 17, 2013
Tagged: #personal #study abroad

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    Hey all! I’m still taking donations! LITERALLY ANYTHING. A dollar even! Also, I will offer picture prints, postcards and...
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    Gogogo! it’s seriously one of the best things you can do, study abroad
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    We totally support anybody reaching for their dreams and studying Japanese! If you have some $ to spare, this is a...
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