Posted on Aug 28
Luain, do you have any stories to tell about your daughter, Princess Serenity, after she was born?


I did not have very many stories, because I did not live long enough to see her grow past an infant. However, I remember one particular night she was really fussy and we didn’t know what to do. Finally I started telling her a story - a fairy tale - about a pair of star-crossed lovers. I did not think she could understand me yet, but she was so captivated by it that she went right to sleep once I finished… with this happy little smile on her face.

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From episode 181

One of the episodes that made seiya’s hair look good, if only for a few minutes.

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getting outfit inspirations from anime characters

Posted on Aug 28

I’m watching the neverending Simpsons marathon (because omg I love this show) and the anime couchgag where Lisa is Sailor Moon was on this episode! FAVORITE.

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I read all you guys replies and I have to say it was a good healthy mix of opinions! :) I’ll talk more on this tomorrow! I just wanted to let everyone know that I wasn’t ignoring you.

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Posted on Aug 27

How do you guys feel about the Senshi/Shitennou parings that the manga highlights on?

I only ask because I’ve seen it circulating around recently due to SMC. I am not a diehard fan of them, but I will say that it is interesting, and may highlight more about the past. Also, it could show that the Inner Senshi doesn’t need to align directly with their pasts like Usagi and Mamoru did.

Posted on Aug 27
I do not like it either. I really wanted the first arc to be just dark kingdom and for Crystal to do it's own thing with it. If we go by that as a truth than will each arc finish in 13eps? after episode 5 it will literally be 8 episodes left of the dark kingdom arc then. I just...I don't see this working. That is some break neck speed in terms of resolving both of those arcs. I just really don't see this working and it leaves me kinda worried.


I agree whole-heartedly :( 

To me, what makes PGSM THE BEST is the pacing. It really takes the time to flesh everything out and expand on details, and you really invested in the story because it took the time to show the silly/cute little things without being full of crazy filler.

I think that’s why I never liked the manga much (**unpopular opinion alert**). It just always felt TOO fast. I mean that whole first arc is over in 13 acts!!! Each act is only a couple of pages!!!

So yeah. I’m not crazy about both arcs being in the first season of Crystal. I mean OBVIOUSLY I’ll watch it and I’ll gush over all the cute things and whatnot, but just know that deep down I will wish it wasn’t THIS true to the manga :/

Posted on Aug 26